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Welcome to the Beauty Training Portal and the start of your learning journey.

On the portal you will find your complete chosen course, including course modules and assessment questions, if applicable. Please work through each module, answering the questions thus enabling you to move on to the next module.

You have 90 days to complete the course, so you can study in your own time at your pace. If you need extra time, please email to gain extra time.

All the assessment questions are multiple choice and you need to achieve at least 80% to pass.

Your course will cover:

  • Facial Plasma treatments.
  • Eye Lifts, lip line, nasal labia, under eye, jowls,neck, pigmentation and skin conditions.
  • How our device works.
  • The structure of the skin.
  • Fibroblasts, collagen and elastin.
  • The wound healing processes.
  • Skin Conditions.
  • Different types of scars.
  • Possible/rare adverse reactions.
  • Common pigmentation disorders.
  • Contra-indications.
  • Pre-treatment.
  • Post-treatment.
  • Possible reasons for complications.
  • The DO’S and DON’TS of plasma pen.

On successful completion of the course, you will receive your course certificates. This will be available to you in ‘My account’ section. This can be downloaded straight away after your practical training. Your tutor or academy will provide you with a special code that you can enter in the practical session on this portal to generate your certificate.

Although many courses are online, you may need to attend a practical element in order to complete your course. Please contact your training academy directly to arrange your practical days.

Please contact us directly on if you require further assistance.

We hope you enjoy your course and we wish you every success for the future.

The Beauty Training Portal Team

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