Brief History of Ear Candling

This is a safe and non invasive natural way to soften the wax and clear the auditory canal and bring balance to the head area.  Ear candling is a form of energy healing that has the benefit of helping many ear, nose and throat conditions.  It has roots in herbal medicine and has been used for many years.  The Aztecs, Egyptians, Chinese and Tibetans used smoke and herbs to clear the ears and head.  The name ‘Hopi’ is after the native American pueblo tribe from Arizona/North America.  Their sacred culture used herbs and smoke in sweat lodges as a part of healing.  The Candle is a hollow tube of organic linen which has been soaked/impregnated with beeswax, herbs, essential oils and often honey.  The process of ear candling has a healing effect on the head with the action of the heat and smoke produced, and the active ingredients contained within.  Combined with a facial massage designed to stimulate the lymph and acupressure points it is a very therapeutic treatment which is non invasive and safe. 

How do the candles work?

Once positioned the candles have a drawing action like a chimney.  Due to the lack of oxygen in the sealed ear, the rising air column heats up.  As the candle burns it creates a vacuum and the vapor impregnated with the active ingredients is pushed into the ear canal.  The heated vapors soften compacted wax which usually expels naturally within 48hrs.  The active ingredients have a regulatory effect on the respiratory system and auditory canal.

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