Code of practice for Aestheticians

Aestheticians will serve the best interests of their clients at all times and will provide the highest quality service possible.

Aestheticians will maintain client confidentiality at all times, keep treatment and documentation records and store them in a secure location, and provide clear, honest communication.

Aestheticians will provide clients with clear and realistic goals regarding their treatment and will not make false claims regarding the potential benefits of the techniques rendered or products recommended.

Aestheticians will adhere to the scope of practice of their profession and refer clients to the appropriate qualified health practitioner when indicated and work only within their level of competence. Aestheticians will not utilize any technique/procedure for which they have not had adequate training and shall represent their education, training, qualifications and abilities honestly.

Aestheticians will offer services only within the scope of practice as defined by the state within which they operate, if required, and in adherence with appropriate federal laws and regulations. This may vary in different countries.

Aestheticians will strictly adhere to all usage instructions and guidelines provided by product and adhere to the provided guidelines and instructions are within the scope of practice as defined by the state, if required.

Aestheticians will commit themselves to ongoing up to date training and education to provide clients and the public with the most accurate information possible.

Aestheticians will dress in professional attire and adhere to the Code of Conduct of their governing board.

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