Injection Guidelines

A multi-layer approach will produce better results while maintaining a natural look

At the supraperiosteal layer, regions we can treat include:

  • Mandible angle (for men)
  • Mandible body
  • Prejowl
  • Chin apex
  • Anterior chin
  • Lateral lower chin

Typically, a high-viscosity dermal filler should be used to treat this layer using a bolus technique. Injection volume ranges from 0.2-0.5ml per bolus.

At the subcutaneous layer, regions we can treat include:

  • Prejowl sulcus
  • Mental crease
  • Mandible angle(for women)
  • Pre-auricular area
  • Mandible body
  • Middle cheek fat

Injections in this layer can be carried out with a medium-viscosity filler using either a needle or 25G cannula. Injection volume ranges from 0.5-2ml per side.

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