Introduction to Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic Medicine is a developing clinical subspecialty and field in scientific research aimed at the use of minimally invasive cosmetic treatments to enhance patients’ satisfaction with their physical appearance.

Training is a significant investment in your career in medical aesthetics. Courses can start at approximately £700 for just one day of training, but can go up to £10,000 depending on what exactly you wish to learn and to what grade.

There is likely no such thing as the best so, whether you are new to aesthetic medicine, or looking to improve your current technique, the most important question to ask you before investing in further education or training is, ‘where will this take me?’ Do you want a broad overview of injectables?

Ask yourself the following:

Why do you want to go into this industry?

What’s the reason I want to change my current status Where do i see myself going with this industry

Firstly if you are joining into this industry for money without business sense we can confirm you will fail as passion is the only way you will become successful within this realm as it is an extremely competitive industry.

There are varied education and training opportunities available for all requirements so have a look at which is best for you and to what level before committing to anything.

Whilst there are many good places to start or advance your training, one of the most common realisations that I see people make after investing in courses is that they did not think far enough ahead into the future and understand what they wanted to get out of it.

Aesthetic medicine is a medical specialty, undertaken by registered & licensed medical practitioners, comprising a range of surgical and non-surgical procedures or treatments, performed with topical or local anaesthesia, to restore, enhance, or modify the appearance, anatomy or physiology of the coetaneous, subcutaneous tissues or associated structures using techniques which combine aesthetic considerations with the treatment or prevention of diseases, disorders or conditions in the promotion of the physical and mental health of patients. – BCAM

Once you have completed this course please look at becoming a member of a form of association for aesthetic medicine.

This medication online course provides all the knowledge requirements for the safe control, handling and administration of medicines in both social and domiciliary care environments and through non medical careers such as aesthetical environments.

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