Pre-course Information

Here are some pre-course tasks which may help with setting up;

  • It’s advised to have a HepB immunisation. If your GP cannot do this perhaps try a local GUM department or travel clinic.
  • Ensure your eyesight is really good – ie can you easily see tothread a needle? If you can’t – get your eyes check and get appropriate sight aid.
  • Bring a camera/phone which can take photos with detail – we need to be able to see clear detailed close ups
  • Find out what the registration requirement is for tattoo treatments in your area – contact local council’s environment health department
  • Collect photos of people’s faces/heads from magazines and online to help you with your designs, colouring etc
  • Research venues
  • Find people who would like to be your first case studies/clients
  • Take an online test in Tattoo Infection Control. For Example

Business Planning; If setting up a new business there’s a lot of information on in the business and self-employed section. Check out ‘setting up’, ‘write a business plan’ and download the ‘business plan template’.

Advertising; The very best advertising is by word of mouth and recommendations. I have also found business pages on social media & Google/Bing etc. very useful. Advertising on social media can be very successful and cost effective. You can target in your location. Papers/Local Magazines can be useful for a few months but are much higher in cost.

Records Keeping; Self-Employment Tax Returns

Sort out: Registration; Waste Collection/Sharp Collection Contract.

Sources for Equipment and Studio Supplies;
  • Team Micro – SMP PMU Supplies
  • Barber DTS – tattoo supplies, SPMU pigments Killer Ink – tattoo supplies, studio supplies
  • Local Shops – cling film/plastic wrap, cotton buds, plastic cups, eyebrow makeup pencils for drawing.
  • Lorraine Connolly (Trainer) – inks and supplies, needles Salon Sally/Salon Services – couch roll
  • Ebay and similar online – practice skin, colour wheel, some studio supplies/consumables. Ensure that anything from Ebay is of the same quality as the tattoo suppliers.
Basic Equipment List;
  • Machine and Handpiece
  • Needle cartridges,
  • specialist ink/pigment,
  • cling film,
  • plastic wrap,
  • cotton buds,
  • plastic cups,
  • eyebrow makeup pencils,
  • couch roll,
  • waterproof couch roll,
  • microbrush,
  • tissues,
  • wipes,
  • paper towel roll,
  • sterile swabs,
  • distilled water,
  • saline solution,
  • bin bags,
  • pigment cups and cup holder,
  • plastic cord wrap,
  • plastic barrier film,
  • facemasks and aprons (if required),
  • tattooing gloves,
  • medical grade wipes (e.g. Distel) and spray,
  • anti-bacterial hand wash,
  • patch testing kits (if required) with cosmetic tattooing,
  • antiseptic wipes,
  • small lancets,
  • aftercare kits (if required) with aftercare cream,
  • calipers for drawing
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