Tear trough fillers

Tear trough is the area between the lower eyelid and upper cheek. With age this area can change in appearance, becoming longer and deeper. Often a dark shadow appears under the eye that often makes us look older than we are. Tear through filler treatment is an ideal way to improve the appearance of those dark circles under the eyes. The tear trough deformity is a natural consequence of the anatomic attachments of the periorbital tissues. A variety of techniques have evolved to address this cosmetic issue. Traditional techniques relied on surgical excision of skin, muscle, and fat as well as chemical peels. More recently, surgeons have better appreciated the need for restoration of volume of the orbit as part of an overall rejuvenation strategy. Treatment is now tailored towards specific anatomic abnormalities and often employs multiple modalities including surgery, botulinum toxin, and replacement of volume

This non-surgical treatment can help to reduce or even remove dark eye hollows that give the face that tired, aged look. Tear trough fillers are safer and faster than cosmetic surgery, with virtually no downtime. The treatment is almost pain-free and does not require excessive recovery time.

The tear trough dermal filler treatment normally takes approximately 45-60 minutes. with your Practitioner using local anaesthetic cream to numb the area prior to treatment. The results of the tear trough treatment are immediately visible once the dermal filler is administered, as this replaces lost volume to the under eye area..
The average duration of the effects of tear trough treatment using a dermal filler such as Juvederm is approximately 12 months. The Hyaluronic acid in the product, which is also a natural substance found in the body is broken down gradually over time in which case the procedure will then be repeated at the client’s request.

There is also a major difference between tear trough deformities that can be treated with tear trough filler and that of bags which would require to be removed by surgery. If you are able to pinch and hold excessive skin in the tear trough area this is a ‘bag’ and tear trough filler is not an option for treatment or removal of this problem area.
This is a baggy area we WOULD NOT treat with a tear trough filler and would require cosmetic surgery

Below is a tear trough deformity that would be a perfect candidate for tear trough fillers. Step by step instructions to complete tear trough fillers will be given during your practical session.

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