Unit 15: Common Questions Asked

Is Celluform suitable for me?

If you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle and are close to your ideal body weight but have isolated stubborn areas of fat Celluform might be suitable. Popular areas that the trees are double chins, moobs, saddlebags, inner thighs, ankles, and abdomen – including defining a 6 pack.

How to do you see results?

The number of treatments required varies depending on size of the fatty deposit. Typically, 1 to 3 statements for small areas, such as the jowl out under the chin. 2 to 3 treatments for larger areas such as the thighs. Treatments are spaced at 6 weekly intervals. Your result will show 6 weeks after your final treatment which is where you will have a review with your practitioner.

Are Celluform results permanent?

What’s the body can regenerate fat cells the process is very slow. Sell once fat cells are removed from a localised area your results are as good as permanent. However, if you do not continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle then your body will put on weight in other areas of your body where fat cells remain.

What is involved in treatment recovery?

Immediately after the treatment you may appear red and swollen with some bruising on the treated area. Celluform works by causing an inflammatory reaction in this fat cells which can result in swelling for 3-5 days. Therefore, if you intend to have a facial treatment, for example double chin where the swelling may be obvious, you may wish to organise time away from work or social engagements. You will be able to reduce the swelling by using a cool pack wrapped in a clean cloth for a maximum of 20 minutes each day. You cannot use any anti-inflammatory tablets for 48 hours after treatment as this will work against the treatment. The truth is area may feel tender and fame for up to 8 weeks post treatment.

During recovery we recommend that you should avoid:

  • Swimming pools.
  • Spas and saunas for 3 days.
  • Physical exercise for 10 days.
  • Any other aesthetic treatments for 2 weeks.

Side- effects and risks to be aware of:

People treated with Celluform will typically experience minimal side effects when compared to more invasive procedures, such as liposuction. Side effects include some redness, swelling and tenderness in the treated area. Some people may experience some light bruising, but this and any other side effects will usually resolve within a few days. You may need to take over the counter painkillers to control any pain related side effects. The manufacturers report that to date no major side effects of Celluform use have been reported to them.

Celluform aftercare instructions – how do we know it is safe?

Celluform was developed and presented in 2004. It has been given CE approval for use in the UK which means it meets the health and safety standards requirement by the European Union. Since 2009 Celluform has been used in over 2000000 treatments in over 49 countries. It has had strong safety record supported by sound medical science. Common temporary side effects during recovery are red, swollen and itchy skin.

Key Facts:

  • The treatment time varies.
  • The number of treatments is 3-5 for the body, 1-3 for the face.
  • How often should the treatment take place: 6-week intervals?
  • Downtime varies.
  • Topical anaesthesia cream can be applied by the client for 30 minutes post treatment.
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