Advanced PDO Threads & COGS

Course Content

This has become one of our most popular trainings. We have found that many practitioners who have been trained elsewhere have not felt competent or confident in performing this treatment.

You will master a technique that will help you stand out from the crowd from other cosmetic treatment providers and enable you to step into the future of advanced cosmetic procedures to create the faces of the future.

This treatment offers an integrated support structure for the tissue of the face and encouraging natural collagen synthesis offering amazing immediate results that peak at 6 months and can last up to 3 years.


Our one-day PDO COGS thread lift training course is the perfect advancement for aesthetic practitioners looking to further their training in PDO threads – the non-surgical facelift.

PDO COGS lifting is an effective non-surgical technique to lift and tighten the skin, re-defining facial contours and stimulating collagen production. This is an advanced course you must have completed a basic PDO thread course to attend.



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