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Health and Safety will be covered in this training to assist you with all your Healthcare and Aesthetic requirements.

  1. You will learn about the legislation frameworks which enhance not only good health but also safety measures at the place of work.
  2. You will know all the possible workplace hazards alongside reliable remedial actions.
  3. You will understand the responsibilities of both employees and employers regarding health and safety.
  4. Understand the right procedure of reporting and possible risks associated with workplace activities.
  5. Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
  6. Health Safety Framework Legislation
  7. Learn about the health and safety work Act of 1970. Appropriate risk assessment.
  8. Comprehend the regulations that govern health and safety 1968.
  9. Define the regulations that govern safety committees and safety representatives 1977.

In this module, we will cover.

  1. Health and safety framework legislation.
  2. The health and safety at work Act 1974 and its application,
  3. Employer duties
  4. Employee duties
  5. Enforcement and Offenses
  7. What is a hazard?
  8. What is harm?
  9. What is risk
  10. Control measures
  11. Risk assessment
  12. Policies and procedures,
  13. Signs and symbols,
  14. Waste management and color coding,
  15. Safe management of sharps
  16. Medical devices
  17. COSHH
  18. Hazard signs and warning symbols
  19. Slips trips and falls electrical safety fire safety
  20. Legionella
  21. Display screen equipment workstations and the working environment
  22. Stress in the workplace
  23. Incident reporting

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