Always give aftercare advice to your client to ensure they receive the best benefits from the treatment, understand the outcomes and reduce risks to themselves following the treatment. 

  • Rest, relax and drink plenty of water to maintain hydration
  • Protect ears if swimming.  Keep ears dry for at least 6 hours
  • Do not poke any objects into the ears
  • Protect ears from draughts, excess cold and loud noises just after your treatment as ears may initially be sensitive.

The client is in pain during treatment?

Stop immediately and remove the candle.  Advice them to visit gp

How long should my treatment take?

Without a facial massage routine the treatment should last 20-30minutes depending on burn time.  With a facial massage you should allow 45minutes for your treatment

Are there any side effects?

It does not hurt, and there are no known adverse effects

Can children receive treatments?

With parental consent, children aged 3years and over up to the age of 16 can be treated.  It is advisable to seek gp referral.  Treatment times may need to be adjusted.

What are the usual responses?

Feeling more balance, light headed, better hearing, emotional release, symptoms improving quickly

If infection has occurred but client is taking antibiotics, can I go ahead with treatment?

No, you must let the client finish all medication, especially for chronic conditions.

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