How the candles work & Observations

  • Lay client on their side, head supported by pillows and cover with a towel for warmth
  • Cover clients hair with a towel
  • Protect surrounding ear with biosun ear clothe
  • Try for fit and adjust the ear candle on your first ear – mark the candle ‘l’ or ‘r’
  • Remove the candle and light it away from your clients face.  Keeping it upright at all times, place the candle into the ear. Ensure the seam is facing away from the ear so that ash falls away outwards.  Ensure that there is a tight seal so that no smoke escapes from the base of the candle
  • Note the time mentally and hold the candle firmly between two fingers, placing your hands gently onto the clients face.
  • Mentally note any smoke colour, clients reactions and time  to completely burn
  • When the candle has reached the coloured indication line, gently remove from the ear and extinguish in the water.
  • Remove from water and place onto a tissue for examination
  • Using a cotton bud gently remove any residue from the outer ear
  • Remove the ear clothe and ask the client to turn.
  • Repeat the process on the second ear
  • Once finished and both candles are extinguished you should proved a facial massage treatment.  Lay the client on their back and perform pressure point, lymphatic drainage and general massage to the face, neck and ears.
  • Upon completion open up the candle for inspection.  Record observations


The residue found within the ear candle is not ear wax, but a residue left from the beeswax and oils within the linen cloth.  The heat of the candles vapours should evaporate the active ingredients, and a lack or evaporation (residue) indicates a blockage in the ear.


  • No, or little smoke is normal / balanced ear
  • White/Blue/Grey/Black smoke indicates the ears are unbalanced, white being the least, black being the most.


  • Generally it should take 9-10minutes per ear with no draughts in the room
  • Timing of 11-15 minutes can indicate an imbalance, which should reduce with regular treatments


  • No wax or Powder indicates the ear is balanced and clear.  The candle has reached a high temperature and vapourised all the ingredients – Treatments can be offered every 6 months
  • Some Powder present indicates a mild blockage.  Temperatures have not become high enough to vapourise ingredients – treatments can be offered every 3 months
  • Some Wax present indicates a more pronounced blockage, the more wax, the bigger the blockage.  Temperatures have been insufficient  to burn the beeswax and it has become trapped in the filter – follow up with monthly treatments
  • Wax & Powder present indicates the most severe blockage.  A low temperature has been achieved due to poor vacuum.  Follow up treatments can be offered weekly to improve.
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