• Chemical peels can correct actinic (sun) damage.
• They can reduce mild scarring.
• You can experience a reduction of your wrinkles.
• Improvement of dark skin discoloration is possible.
• Chemical peels can remove excessive / stubborn blackheads.
• The peel may temporarily reduce excessive skin oils.
• Smooth skin
• Brightens up skin / makes look vibrant
•Acid peels have been around for ages, they’re one of the most tried and tested ways to improve your skin health.

There are other types of acid peels

• Salicylic acid
• Mandelic acid
• Glycolic acid

You will need to understand the basics of the skin and how it works.
You will need your original facial qualification to help you offer a successful chemical peel. We will cover the very basics of the skin if you feel you need more training on this please speak to your tutor or email us directly via our contact page.

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