Cheek Augmentation

We add dermal fillers to the cheeks to add volume under the skin. The cheeks are a popular area that require this look as sometimes the cheeks with age can appear flat or sunken not giving the client a strong facial profile.

Cheek fillers help to achieve a strong facial contour.

Before injecting any fillers into the face always discuss what your client is hoping to achieve and if this desired look is achievable.

The procedure of cheek dermal filler takes about 30-45 minutes to complete. After the procedure your client may experience redness and swelling due to trauma to the skin for a few days. The full effects of the procedure will then be seen once all

inflammation has subsided. As the procedure can cause pain we recommend that you offer your patient a local anaesthetic such as a numbing cream to be applied to the area site injections will be taking place.

Cheek fillers last approximately 12 months and arrears can be topped up during or after this time with further treatments.

The cheek is not best seen from a frontal view. The influence of the cheek is best seen in a quarter of oblique profile view and the insertion of fillers requires an exact measuring system. We create an intersection for the area fillers to be added by drawing an oblique line from the corner of the mouth to the corner of the eye and a horizontal line from the nostril to the middle of the ear.

Please see the diagram below.

The starred area is the area the filler is to be placed. The amounts of filler we place in the cheeks and the amount of injection sites we will use will be tailored to the individual clients and be discussed during your practical training.

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