Factors influencing the depth of exfoliation

• Chemical peel reach distinctive Depth’s depending on different factors.
• Skin typology and condition history,thickness, treatment area, activity and density of sebaceous glands, integrity of the epidermal barrier etc.
• Type of chemical substance used AHA,BHA,TCA etc.
• Concentration and PH
• Chemical peel debt intensity and effectiveness according to the concentration of a substance use and the pH of the same
• Texture peels found In aqueous alcoholic hydro-alcoholic solutions penetrate and act quickly their scope of action is usually proportional to the quantity of the product and the numbers of layers applied.
• Gel peels guarantee uniform application without dripping. They penetrate tissue more slowly therefore the affect depends on exposure time
• Application technique quantity of product number of layers applied and exposure time
• Skin preparation methodology Prior to application and previous treatments.

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