Selection of peels

You must be conversant with the indications, properties and mechanism of action of each chemical agent in order to select the preparation treatment programs, session after session. Peels are selected on the basis of the nature of the case to treat, as well as patients individual characteristics, especially at the photo type. Low photo types presents less risk of suffering PIH (Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation).The therapist will always
determine the advisability of performing chemo exfoliation on high Photo Types types V and VI patience.

Meso Peel is the most advanced range of specific chemical Peels-Designed for Therapists requiring safe efficient products that are easy to use and control. The range enables to treat hyperpigmentation the signs of every stage of ageing, anaesthetic concerns such as acne And it’s sequelae, cuperosis, roseasea and other imperfections.

High quality and progressive efficacy
Peels ensure unbeatable progressive results for facial and body treatments by combining a variety of high controlled chemical agents. they are classified into two families
1-hydroxy acids and trichloroacetic acid and Are presented individually and different concentrations.
2-Exclusive peels, formulated with precise combinations of chemo exfoliants.

These synergidtic associations Of substances are a practical solution for treating the most specific and common aesthetic concerns like, hypo-pigmentation, acne ,ageing etc. maximising the qualities of each agent to offer a global results.

Versatile and adaptable
Peels enable therapists to select the most suitable peel and its concentration individually
to fine tune the effects of exfoliation session after session for exponential and personalised results.
Peel products can be combinable. they can be administered as multi layers in a session or can be applied over consecutive sessions, treatment should begin with a lower concentration and be titrated upwards according to skin tolerance and the result sought.

Optimising and maintaining other procedures
As well as being a highly efficient treatment for skin ageing, acne and pigmentation lesion, peels are an ideal tool for optimising other medical aesthetic procedures i.e. anti ageing treatments, depigmentation treatments, meso repair, radio frequency, Botox etc.

Prevention and maintenance
Regular maintenance appeals, several times a year, sustain the skins healthy appearance, improving texture and providing a preventative, anti ageing affect. However peel frequency is always contingent on the type of peel applied and is indication.

Pre-and post Peel skincare
For optimal results it is essential to properly prepare the skin as well as performing post- treatment follow up sessions.

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