The Appearance of the Therapist

A beauty therapist should be an example to her trade.

A client will look to her therapist as a professional and this will be reflected not only in how she looks, but also her attitude and deportment.

A therapist is a reflection on the company in which she works.  If a client does not feel satisfied with the hygiene of either the therapist or the salon, she is not likely to return.

Overall or uniform:

  • Should be worn at all times during working hours.
  • Should be clean and smell fresh. Ideally a clean uniform should be worn each day.
  • Should not be decorated with anything other than a name badge or that of a professional organization to which the therapist is a member.
  • A disposable apron should be worn for each client to help reduce cross contamination and keep your uniform clean.


  • Should be clean and secured off the face.


  • Should be of a workable length.
  • If nail extensions are worn, these should be cleaned underneath every time you wash your hands and they should be of a decent length and shape so as not to piece your gloves.


  • No high heels to be worn for health and safety and comfort reasons.
  • You should have closed in back and no peep toes.
  • Should be clean. It is good practice to keep a pair of shoes in work and travel to and from work in outdoor shoes.

Personal Hygiene:

  • Deodorant should be worn at all times.
  • No heavy perfumes should be worn.
  • Smokers must take extra care with their personal hygiene. The smell of cigarette smoke clings to fingers, clothes and hair.  Clients may find this offensive.
  • Be aware of fresh smelling breath.  If having close contact with a client, avoid garlic and excessively spicy food the previous night. Facemasks also help mask smells and allow you to work at close contact with your client.
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